Dhaam Dhoom
This is a basic beat that is reminiscent of certain corny music from recent Rajnikanth movies.  The song portrays the alcoholic-impaired joy of rural crowds. Another cliché is choreography. Kasarla Shyam’s lyrics are ok for the backdrop but there is nothing big to mention. Along with Gotte Kanakavva and other vocalists, rahul sipligunj enthusiastically sang the song. Despite the mundane material, if the movie ends up becoming a hit, this song might get some momentum.

Ori Vaari
A breakup song, this. The song's purpose is to provide guidance on how to handle a breakup. There are other lines in the song that say things like "Try to forget everything like a kid, and relax in your mother's lap," and Shreemani deserves praise for his thoughtful work. The song also features vocals by Santhosh Narayanan. But the tune and orchestra are dull and insipid. The album's least interesting song to date is this one. 

The album's standout song is this one. An interesting track was created by Santhosh Narayanan. In this song with a simple tune, the protagonist and his wife accuse one another. The tune is eerie and compels repeated listenings. The song was performed by ram Miriyala and Dhee jointly. It was enhanced by Dhee's vocals. kasarla shyam should be commended for writing the lyrics. In the song, nani and Keerthy are just too fantastic. The slow-motion images have a powerful impact. Due to its outstanding music, outstanding vocals, and humorous lyrics, this song is the chart-topper of the season.

The album only has one standout song overall. Ori Veri is uninteresting, dhoom Dhaam is fast-paced, and Chamkeela Angeelesi is a melodic melody with a rustic feel.

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