mass raja Raviteja made the decision to work on multi-starrer movies at some point, and he even had a cameo in megastar Chiranjeevi's Waltair Veerayya, which had a good run at the box office. He even made a recent hint in a promotional interview about working with nani on a multi-starrer or that they might create a movie together. And now for the following.

Strong rumors are circulating in film nagar that Color Photo director sandeep Raj actually read Raviteja a screenplay that calls for yet another major hero, and the mass star was very taken with it. The director is said to have encountered sharwanand for the other section, and while the protagonist was impressed, he is not persuaded for two reasons.

They claim that sandeep Raj's most recent movie, "Mukhachitram," which is pseudo-directed by him but is actually directed by his colleague as per the poster, did poorly at the box office. Sharwa is concerned for a number of reasons, including the fact that his most recent multi-starrer maha Samudram completely bombed at the box office. The performer reportedly has conflicting feelings about this new multi-starrer because of this. Currently, Sharwa is filming in the united kingdom for his upcoming movie under the supervision of sriram Aditya. When he returns to the country, he will meet with Raviteja to make a decision on the project.

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