The Russo Brothers' Citadel has been anxiously anticipated by fans all over the world. In less than a month, the spy-thriller starring richard Madden and priyanka chopra will hit theatres. Another trailer for the series has now been published by the creators to heighten the anticipation, and we have to admit that it is just as mind-blowing as we had anticipated. The fact that priyanka chopra pulls off some of the coolest exploits will delight indian fans even more!

There is a new Citadel video available. This one gives us a clearer picture of the friendship between the characters played by richard Madden and priyanka Chopra. These two are actually top agents for Citadel who were duped by a person they trusted. Who would it be though? Is there much more than what we can see?

Compared to the first preview, this one is more action-packed. indian viewers might find priyanka Chopra's ability to carry off some seriously impressive action sequences to be even more alluring. She and richard Madden work together seamlessly. The Russo Brothers are the filmmakers of the espionage thriller Citadel. The official note for the report stated, "Citadel fell eight years ago. The powerful syndicate known as Manticore, which controls the world from the shadows, sent agents to destroy the autonomous global spy agency, which was in charge of maintaining the safety and security of all people.

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