Everyone is well aware that Nandamuri balakrishna is presently putting the finishing touches on his 108th film, which is being directed by Anil Ravipudi. The original title for the film is NBK108. There have been some previous rumours regarding the movie's release date, but according to insider sources, the movie will be shown during the dasara festival.

However, whether on purpose or not, the NBK108 crew miscalculated the release date. The team had planned to release dasara, but they erred by failing to declare the precise date. This cost them because other three movies had already made an official announcement about Dasara's release. The production teams for ram Boyapati's movie, Raviteja's tiger Nageswar rao, and Vijay Lokesh's major motion picture Leo have recently declared their release dates, respectively.

NBK108 is currently in a very difficult position because they are unable to travel over the holiday weekend due to Venkatesh's Saindhav's announcement of the season's release date yesterday. It is almost a given that two or three major motion pictures will be published on Sankranti. By failing to make a formal release date announcement, the NBK108 team has made a serious error.

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