Yesterday saw the release of natural star Nani's dasara, which is off to an incredible start in the telugu version but which we are unable to say the same for in the other languages. Everyone is well aware that dasara was released across all of India, and nani made a significant attempt to market the film in other languages.

The trade groups have also anticipated this film to perform well because it has pan-Indian appeal and will be successful everywhere. He has been promoting this movie, especially in Hindi, in every state for the past two weeks. The movie's openings in Hindi, where it debuted with just 35 lakhs net, and in Tamil, where dasara debuted, were underwhelming despite all the advertising. 

Dasara has excelled, as was already mentioned. The movie has made 13.4 crores in telugu states, bringing its global tally to 19.4 crores. It is a sensational performance, and the movie significantly surpassed the previous tier 2 Heroes mark held by Liger [14 Crores]. The second day also got off to a good start, and everyone anticipates dasara to maintain its excellent performance through the weekend. According to the trade circles, the movie will break even in just four days.

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