One of the most well-known streaming services in India, Aha Video, recently announced on their social media platforms that they would shortly be launching Aha Newspaper. Fans of the site may find this news exciting, but many believe it could also be a hoax for april 1st. Introducing Aha Newspaper! was the message that appeared on the main Aha Video facebook and instagram accounts. Get your daily fix of gossip, news, and more in the form of paper. Very shortly!" Along with the statement was a supposed newspaper's logo.

Fans and media sources reacted favorably to the news, with many expressing enthusiasm for the new project. The announcement was made on april 1st, also known as april Fool's Day, as some users immediately pointed out. Fans are anxiously awaiting more information about the alleged newspaper even though Aha Video has not yet provided any more details. Some people are happy to have a new source of paper entertainment news and are hopeful that this is not a joke.

It's important to remember, though, that april 1st practical jokes are prevalent in the entertainment sector, and Aha Video might just be making a joke out of its fans. The future will reveal whether Aha newspaper is a genuine endeavor or a practical joke.

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