Everyone is aware that the release date for Superstar mahesh babu and Trivikram's SSMB28 was set for sankranti 2024. Mahesh's admirers and business circles anticipated that the movie would take advantage of the season's edge and the combo craze. This movie was anticipated to meet the same competition because it happens frequently during festival days.

There were several movies anticipated for sankranti 2024, but due to recent formal announcements of films and changes in the release dates of a few films, SSMB28 now has the opportunity to benefit from a solo release during the sankranti season. Saindhav, a movie starring Venkatesh, will now be released in december instead of sankranti, which eliminates it from the competition. The release of ram charan and Shankar's movie was also planned for sankranti, but because it relies on the performance of indian 2, it has no chance of happening.

However, it is also anticipated that this movie will only be released after the summer. Prabhas' Project K team had formally announced the release date of january 12, 2024. ntr has already stated that pushpa 2 will only be released in the summer and that his 30th movie will be released on april 5.

If Pawan Kalyan's film Ustaad Bhagat Singh releases on sankranti, megastar chiranjeevi has no possibility of attending, and Mahesh will only have one rival. However, pawan kalyan won't have any possibility of having his movie released for sankranti if the elections take place this year.

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