RRR trio will create panic again? SS Rajamouli's disclosure on Mahabharata, know all the details

SS rajamouli has made many revelations regarding his dream project Mahabharat. He has told that this film can be released not in one or two but in 10 parts.

SS rajamouli has become famous not only in the country but also abroad by directing larger-than-life films like rrr and Bahubali. His film rrr created such a buzz around the world that its song Naatu Naatu was awarded an Oscar. Since then, fans are eagerly waiting to know the details of his dream project Mahabharat (SS Rajamouli's Mahabharat). Know further what rajamouli himself has said about this project.

It is believed that Mahabharata is SS Rajamouli's dream project. To make this film, the director of hollywood also appealed to him to make it. SS rajamouli says that he will read every edition of Mahabharata available in the country. Apart from this, he has now revealed that if he gets a chance to make Mahabharata, then to do justice to it, he would like to make it not in one or two but in 10 parts.

In a recent event, rajamouli again spoke openly about his dream of making Mahabharata. He said that it would take him at least a year to read every single edition of the Mahabharata currently available in the country. After rrr, it was speculated that ram charan and junior ntr could be cast in Rajamouli's Mahabharata. Responding to this, rajamouli said, 'I know that people have made a list of who can play what role in this film, but I will decide its star cast only after writing my version of Mahabharata.'

Hollywood director had requested to make Mahabharata

Let us tell you that during the promotion of rrr, hollywood director Mary Harron had told rajamouli that she wanted him to make a film on Mahabharata.

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