Our crew questioned prasanth about if he attempted to modernise Hanuman and other characters in the same way that the Adipurush filmmakers attempted to do with the Ramayana by giving the characters superhero looks during the media interview. "What the Adipurush makers have done is very challenging and risky," Prasanth varma retorted. I wish them great success in their experimentation and hope their risk pays off. However, I personally believe that because Hanuman and unadulterated maternal love are such delicate subjects, no studies should be conducted on them. I will never experiment like this, at least. The lord shall be shown by my Hanu-man in the genuine manner that everyone desires.

Currently, there is a Hindutva wave sweeping the nation, which has contributed to the success of films like karthikeya 2. Adipurursh and Hanu-man, two films, will be released back-to-back with only a few weeks between them. If Hanu-man had been launched before Adipurush, it would have had the advantage of going on sale first and having a greater impact. If there was any remorse that they didn't finish first in this race, we asked Prasanth.

"I don't regret Hanu-man not releasing first," prasanth retorted. We had no such ideas prior to beginning the shoot. Whatever occurs, I always think it's for the best. Everything will work out in the end.

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