This Friday, june 2, 2023, tollywood is preparing for an intriguing box office battle as several films are scheduled to be released. movie fans have shown a particular interest in Ahimsa, Nenu Student Sir!, and Pareshan among these. teja is the director of Ahimsa, which stars Rana's brother abhiram and has been getting a lot of attention. The same day also sees the debut of Nenu Student Sir!, a film directed by Rakhi Uppalapati and starring Bellamkonda Ganesh, Bellamkonda Srinivas' brother.

The competition has become even more exciting as a result of this confrontation between the brothers of two well-known celebrities. But what has everyone talking about is the debut of the low-budget movie Pareshan. Thiruveer, who won praise for the horror film Masooda, is now presenting the amusing comedy Pareshan, which was made under the direction of Rupak Ronaldson. It's unexpected that Rana is connected to the movie as a presenter.

Why did Rana decide to release Pareshan on the same day as his brother Abhiram's directorial debut, Ahimsa? Given the conflict at the box office with Ahimsa, many people ask why he didn't choose a more practical date for Pareshan's release.

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