Many believe that because of his popularity, famed filmmaker SS rajamouli could simply secure the services of any actor and technician. rajamouli has been attempting to cast this gifted star hero for years, but the rrr director hasn't had luck on his side. We also know that the trials are still ongoing.

Actually, rajamouli was planning to work on a movie with malayalam actor mohanlal after Simhadri's huge success. Although he told a scenario, set the dates, and began working on pre-production, the movie hasn't yet been made. Later, it was reported that the movie had been changed, becoming Yama Donga. Later, the filmmaker attempted to cast Mohan Lal for both Baahubali and rrr, but it wasn't successful. According to the most recent information, rajamouli is figuring out how to include Mohan Lal in his future movie, which stars mahesh babu as the main.

It is the dates that count, even if it is claimed that rajamouli has explained the character curve and design to Mohan Lal and the actor consented to participate. All of the artists must be unable to accommodate Rajamouli's schedules because he takes years to complete a job. Whether the director's wish will be fulfilled this time or not remains to be seen.

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