Akkineni With Thank You and Custody's failures, naga chaitanya suffered a setback. He now hopes to make a strong comeback with his subsequent film. We previously mentioned naga chaitanya and Chandoo Mondeti's upcoming collaboration on a new movie. The project will get funding from allu aravind through his geetha arts label.

According to the most recent rumor, chaitanya would portray a helmsman (boat driver or Thandel) in the film. The story apparently took place in gujarat many years ago. There will be many unexpected turns in this romance story. Chandoo and his crew reportedly conducted a tonne of research for this script.

The producers of this movie have set aside a luxurious budget of more than Rs. 60 crores because it is a historical drama. Soon, further information about the project and the remaining cast and crew members will be released. If the project is approved, it will be the third movie starring Chandoo and chaitanya, following premam and Savyasachi. After the success of karthikeya 2, Chandoo established himself as a pan-Indian filmmaker, and Chaitanya's career will benefit from working with him now. Chandoo also intends to continue working with geetha arts on a subsequent project.

Whatever it is, Chay wants Chandoo to collaborate on this specific project with geetha Arts. Soon, an official confirmation is anticipated.

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