Anirudh Ravichander and Keerthy suresh, two of the brightest talents in the entertainment industry, recently caught the internet's attention with remarkably similar tweets regarding their experiences at chennai Airport. These endearing messages not only demonstrated their admiration for the airport's facilities but also highlighted the friendship between the two famous people.

Anirudh Ravichander, often regarded as the musical sensation of the current generation, shared his thoughts after a visit to chennai Airport. In his tweet, he expressed gratitude for the improvements made at the airport, particularly highlighting the increased manpower and counters at the immigration section. His tweet read, “Thanks for increasing the manpower and number of counters at @aaichnairport immigration. Very smooth flow like never before.” Notably, Anirudh’s tweet was a testament to the positive changes he observed at the airport, emphasizing the smooth and efficient immigration process.

Fans of Anirudh and Keerthy were intrigued and filled with appreciation by the coincidence of their tweets, and they were quick to acknowledge the friendship between these two accomplished people. Both Anirudh and Keerthy have big projects planned for the future in their respective fields of work.
The multi-talented Keerthy suresh will appear on screen in a variety of roles. She will appear in the much awaited movie "Siren" with jayam Ravi. She also has a number of female-focused projects in development, such as "Raghu Thatha," "Revolver Rita," and "Kannivedi." Keerthy is a favourite of both fans and insiders in the industry thanks to her versatility in roles.

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