Singer Neha Singh Rathore, who gained fame on social media with the song mp Mein Ka

Ba, is the target of these two bjp leaders. Neha Singh Rathore is being taunted by BJP

leaders by making a photo viral. However, Neha Singh Rathore has also clarified that there is

nothing wrong in the photo, the person holding her is her husband.

Singer Neha Singh Rathore had gone to Churhat recently. He also gave his presentation here.

After this presentation, he met senior congress leader and former minister ajay Singh. A

picture of greeting between ajay Singh and him is going viral on social media. Especially

this photo is going viral from the accounts of bjp leaders. A bjp leader wrote on social

media that congress leaders respect women and make them respect them.

Neha Singh Rathore was also targeted through this taunt. Actually, in the photo, Neha Singh

Rathore was standing on a stage accepting the greetings of ajay Singh, during this a person

was holding her from behind by placing his hand on her waist. Many bjp leaders took taunt

on this photo. However, Neha Singh Rathore also replied in her own language.

Singer Neha Singh Rathod gave this answer

The singer has also made her reply viral regarding the picture going viral on social media.

She has written that she knows that bjp leaders respect women a lot, she is also well aware

of this. She further wrote that the person who was holding her from behind on the temporary

stage was her husband Himanshu. Neha wrote that after hearing this, the plans of those

leaders who are taunting about the picture must have been ruined.

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