Shine tom Chacko is the one who made his silver screen debut as a co-director. Later, the actor stepped into the acting industry with the movie Gaddama. What followed was an amazing performance by actor Shine. Shine appeared in front of the audience as the protagonist, supporting actor and villain.

Recently, discussions about Shine's girlfriend have been going on in the social media. Shine said that Parner's name is Tanuja. But nothing more was revealed. Now Shine is telling how tanuja was defeated.

Shine's response was to Variety Media. To the question of how long experience "It's a relationship of 10, 25 years. Is there any problem? It's just started. What we've seen and met is a big story," said Shine. To the question about the love story, "What is a love story? There should be a love story not at the beginning. It depends on how many years it goes, how it goes and how far it goes. We met through Instagram. So we followed back and forth. We have not proposed anything yet. You are with us. "If one person decides, the other will not go with them. If both of them decide not to go with them, that is not a partnership between two people," was Shine's reply.

Shine also says that he is hesitant to do romance in the film. "It doesn't matter in real life, because you do it without anyone seeing you. In a movie, you don't have 10 or 70 people standing around. You can't do it when a third person is there," says Shine.

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