Bollywood actress kangana Ranaut's carafe address for sensationalism in Bollywood. Is this straightforward star going to enter politics soon..? Are you going to contest in the next election? heroine kangana ranaut became the carafe address for controversies in Bollywood. It seems that she is going to enter direct politics soon. Not only that, there is also information that the competition is going to be held next year. But Ranaut's father Amardeep Ranaut clarified this matter himself. But there is no clarity on the position she will contest. kangana herself has to respond in this matter.

But she is supporting BJP. It is reported that she will contest for the lok sabha from that party. But it seems that the position she will contest is likely to get clear soon. Her father revealed that the party will decide the matter. Meanwhile, she visited the temple of Lord Krishna. At that time, when the media asked whether she was entering politics, she said that she would contest if Lord krishna blesses her. But kangana Ranaut's own constituency is in Himachal Pradesh. Whether she will contest from here remains to be seen.

Kangana Ranaut is currently busy with a series of films. She is more active in South than in Hindi. Apart from Hindi, she is doing films in tamil and telugu languages. Lately it has become more active in Tamil. Pan idea became famous as a star. She is acting in the movie Emergency in Bollywood. She is playing the role of indira gandhi in this movie. beauty is fighting against nepotism and casting couch in Bollywood. In a way, it can be said that bollywood has distanced her.

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