Exploring Cinematic And Theatrical Narratives Of mahatma gandhi And Nathuram Godse

On Martyrs' Day, take a look at prominent movies and plays that have explored the controversial connection between gandhi and Godse.

Many films have explored the controversial connection between mahatma gandhi and Nathuram Godse because of the widespread fascination with the topic. On january 30, Martyrs' Day (the day when Nathuram Godse shot the "Father of the Nation" mahatma Gandhi), just look at prominent movies and plays that have explored the dichotomy between these two historical figures.

From the 1982s popular film 'Gandhi' to shyam Benegal's 'The Making of the Mahatma', here's a comprehensive listicle of popular narratives that delve into the lives and ideologies of gandhi and Godse:

The Making of the mahatma (1996) - Directed by shyam Benegal

This biographical drama explores the early life of mahatma gandhi, focusing on his experiences in south africa that shaped his principles of non-violence and civil disobedience. The film provides valuable insights into the formative years of Gandhi's philosophy, laying the groundwork for his later role in India's independence movement.

Hey ram (2000) - Directed by Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan explores the narrative around the assassination of mahatma gandhi in this indian historical drama. The film presents a nuanced perspective on the events leading to Gandhi's death, depicting the motivations and conflicts of various characters, including the fictionalized account of Godse, played by Haasan himself.

Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy (2009) - Marathi Play

Translated as "I, Nathuram Godse, Speak," this Marathi play written by pradeep Dalvi provides a platform for Godse's perspective on the assassination. The play offers a controversial and thought-provoking exploration of Godse's reasoning.

Gandhi (1982) - Directed by richard Attenborough

This Oscar-winning biographical film stands as a monumental portrayal of mahatma Gandhi's life, principles, and role in India's struggle for independence. Ben Kingsley's captivating performance earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor. 

Gandhi, My father (2007) - Directed by Feroz abbas Khan

The film's moving attention goes from mahatma gandhi to his son Harilal gandhi and their troubled relationship. It examines Gandhi's troubles inside the family, getting to the bottom of the sacrifices he made for India's freedom and the fallout that hit his loved ones the most.

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