The first installment of Jr. Ntr's Devara has a release date of october 10 this year. The release date of Allu Arjun's Pushpa: The Rule is still unclear, but if all of pushpa does not arrive by august 15, it is also possible that Devara's creators will release Devara on that day.
There have been theories on the challenges ntr must overcome for Devara to succeed in the midst of this. Considering the feelings now, ntr has to lift three curses. First off, every hero who has acted in a rajamouli film frequently suffers from the "Post-SSR movie Syndrome." NTR's very next movie following his rajamouli RRR is called Devara.

Second, ntr is said to have portrayed both the father and son parts in Devara. Earlier, NTR's attempt to play both a parent and a son did not turn out very well. shakti and andhrawala are such films. Finally, ntr has not had a very successful dussehra season. Even though some of his earlier films had strong debuts, they were unable to build on them.

Positively, the director Koratala Siva is rumored to be resolved to give a flawless response with "Devara" despite having suffered much from the name Acharya. ntr also had a very strong appearance in the Devara peek. Devara is undoubtedly releasing the amazing janhvi kapoor in Telugu. It remains to be seen if ntr breaks every curse to win an incredible box-office success with Devara.


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