Prashant Neel, the acclaimed director behind kgf and Salaar, found himself under scrutiny for venturing into a series of telugu films following the monumental success of kgf on a national scale. rishabh Shetty, in response to this trend, affirmed his dedication to remaining rooted in the kannada industry, regardless of national acclaim. Initial reports suggested potential tension between prashant Neel and rishabh Shetty due to these statements.

Contrary to speculations, recent events paint a more harmonious picture. prashant Neel and rishabh Shetty were spotted together at a recent industry event, seemingly dispelling any rumors of animosity. A photograph capturing both directors alongside Young tiger ntr during the occasion has gained traction on social media, further suggesting an amicable relationship.

The image serves as a testament to a cordial understanding between prashant Neel and rishabh Shetty, potentially putting to rest any conjectures about a brewing feud. Presently, prashant Neel is actively involved in the production of Salaar 2, while rishabh Shetty is committed to delivering the sequel to Kantara to kannada audiences. Simultaneously, ntr is engrossed in the filming of his ongoing project, and his upcoming film Devara is scheduled for release on october 10th, marking a festive dussehra treat for fans.

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