It is a sermon for the town! Is it more important than voting? netizens pointing at Joe and blasting Surya!

Even though actress Jyotika has the right to vote in Chennai, why did she not come to vote this time? And netizens are flocking to publish the video of him going on a trip. The parliamentary elections in tamil Nadu started at 7 am yesterday and ended just after 6 pm. Since morning, the public, celebrities, politicians, everyone participated eagerly and cast their votes. Parliamentary elections are going to be held in seven phases in more than 500 constituencies across India. Yesterday, the first phase of elections in tamil Nadu and Puduvai was completed. Many leading actors and actresses even canceled their shoots to participate in this election and fulfilled their democratic duty. In particular, actor Vijay came from the shoot of 'Code' in russia and voted. Similarly, actor ajith fulfilled his democratic duty by arriving at the polling booth before the start of voting in the morning.

Jyothika and Suriya

Actor Suriya came along with his father and younger brother karthi to cast his vote. Also, superstar Rajinikanth, his wife Lata, daughters Aishwarya, Soundarya, director Vethimaran, gautham Karthik, aishwarya Rajesh, and many other celebrities came and drove with interest. But actor Suriya's wife Jyothika, who has the right to vote in Chennai, but did not participate, was told that the shooting could be the reason. But jyothika posted a video on instagram that the reason she did not vote yesterday was because she had gone on a trip to Nepal.


Seeing this, many netizens are questioning whether tourism has become more important than voting as an indian citizen. In the same way, Surya's family, who preaches to the village that our country, our rights, should vote, are behaving like this.

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