Salman Khan addressed the fans for the first time...?

Recently, two bike riders opened fire outside the Galaxy Apartment of Bollywood's Bhaijaan i.e. salman khan in Bandra area of Mumbai. This incident has made everyone worried about the safety of the superstar. For the first time after the firing incident outside the house, salman khan has addressed the fans on his social media handle.

salman addressed fans after the firing incident

salman khan has shared a video on social media talking about a program organized by Combat. He will participate in this event on april 20 in Dubai. Sharing the video on x , salman wrote, "Hope to meet you tomorrow..."

In the video, salman said, "So I am in dubai right now and tomorrow I am going to attend this program Karate Combat. I will not say much about that event. You watch it yourself, but I will share a story with you. I know this kid who was doing Taekwondo, and Jujitsu since the age of 2 and then one day we lost touch.”

salman khan left for dubai on Friday

After this salman said, "Today I came to know that the President of Karate Combat is the same boy and his name is Asim." Let us tell you that Karate Combat is a brand that promotes the first professional full-contract karate league. It has been hosting events around the world since april 2018. Let us tell you that salman khan left for dubai on friday morning after the firing incident outside his house last Sunday. He reached the airport in his bulletproof SUV. During this, the actor was seen with high security.

salman has not yet given any statement on the firing incident

Talking about the firing incident outside salman Khan's house, the actor has not yet issued any statement on it, but his father Salim Khan had talked to india Today about this incident. salman Khan's father Salim had said, “There is no use in talking about this, these are ignorant people who say that they will kill only then they will know. They (Mumbai Police) have assured us and our friends of security. If they have arrested two people today, it means they are working on it.

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