Vishal: I will not come to politics but will see it

Vishal gave a message to political parties that I will enter politics in 2026. If the present political parties are doing well and doing good to the people, I will not enter politics. Don't let me enter politics, said actor Vishal. Actor vishal has said that he will enter politics to do good for the people in Salem. Actor vishal participated in a function organized at shakti Kāyelāhāṭ college of Engineering and Arts in Chelam Āmmāpheṭṭaya regarding the promotion of the movie Ṭiṭṭhāṭṭiṭhāṭṭhṭi ṭṭhāṭṭiṭṭhṭi ṭhṭṭhāṭṭi. He continued giving interviews to the journalists. Then he said, I will be there in theaters in 2026. I will come to politics when the time comes. One should not think everything about alliance with the party and reservation. We should start a party only if we want to do good to the people. I have said that I will enter politics in 2026. Now I say, don't let me go.

 If you do good to people, I will stop acting in films. village people's standard action against officials who committed corruption in the management of cattle shed - Farmer's response That's what I say again and again. If you do good to the people, we will not leave our business and come to your business. There is no place without flaws in tamil Nadu. There are many parties and flags in tamil Nadu. But nothing good happened. Everyone will say that I am new, I will come again, what will I do? problems of the people. If people have any problem they will go to the government hospital. people like MLAs, and MPs go to private hospitals for treatment. Due to the tax paid by the people, instead of upgrading the standards of government hospitals, they go to private hospitals for treatment. tamil Nadu needs necessary changes. The Actors Association Building will be completed by the end of this year. Regarding naming the Vijayakanth building for the Actors' Association, there are many big people in the Actors' Association and a decision will be taken after consulting them.

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