Arun Vijay's mother's birthday celebration! Anitha vijayakumar who did Amarkalam with her family!

Anita vijayakumar and arun vijay are happy to celebrate their mother muthu Kannu's birthday. Photos of this are now going viral on social media.As the birthday of successful actor Vijayakumar's first wife muthu Kannu is being celebrated today, her children are celebrating it simply and happily.

Vijayakumar has the ability to live and act as the protagonist in the 70's and 80's period and after that, whatever role is given to leading actors like father, grandfather, villain etc.After marrying his relative muthu Kannu and having three children, he started dating actress Manjula.Their marriage was officiated by MGR. While Vijayakumar's second marriage took place with muthu Kannu's full consent, muthu Kannu remained a great sister to Manjula.Vijayakumar had two daughters, Kavita, Anita, and Arun Vijay, and one son by muthu Kannu, while manjula had three daughters, Vanitha, Preeta, and Sridevi.

Even if there is something special... their entire family will gather together. But recently Vanitha has been shunned by the entire family. After Manjula's death, Vanitha was abandoned by her father and siblings. Although Vanitha faced many hardships in the beginning, now she is facing an upswing in her life with many film opportunities and boutique business.

Similarly, arun vijay is currently a leading actor in tamil cinema. While his sister Anitha was a doctor, she is now settled in chennai and frequently attends vacations, family special events and posts her photos.The photos published by Anita vijayakumar are also seen as viral on social media. Anita vijayakumar celebrated her mother's birthday by cutting a cake.

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