Tamil Nadu victory Corporation Announced in All assembly constituencies!

On behalf of the tamil Nadu victory Corporation, all the assembly constituencies across tamil Nadu

World starvation day is observed on May 28 every year to ensure food safety and utter malnutrition. In the meantime, it has been announced that the people of tamil Nadu will be given the event on behalf of the tamil Nadu victory Corporation in all the constituencies across tamil Nadu on the 28th of this month.

In a statement issued by the party's general secretary, Pussy Anand, said, “On the instructions of the Chairman of the tamil Nadu victory Council, the commander of the commander of the tamil Nadu, the world is to be made public in all the legislative constituencies on 28.05.2024, the World Hunger Day, on 28.05.2024.

I urge all, including the district, team, city, union, branch, and legislative administrators, to follow the appropriate election guidelines and give the public to the public and engage in welfare. ” Has been said.

Actor Vijay started a party called tamil Nadu victory Corporation last February. He said that no one was supported by the lok sabha elections and the 2026 tamil Nadu assembly elections were the only goal. Subsequently, the work of the tamil Nadu victory Council has begun.

At the same time, the actor Vijay held a commendation ceremony last year, 10 and 234 in the Plus Two General Examination and the top 3 students and students. He gave them a certificate and Rs. Similarly, actor Vijay Annadhanam presented his People's Movement to mark World Hunger Day.

Following this, Vijay has advised his party to perform those tasks in the current year. It is also worth noting that as last year, the leader of the Actor Vijay .

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