Reactions to the kalki 2898 AD trailer have been conflicting. Some viewers are ecstatic, but others think it's unclear and unimpressive. Still, the teaser has been successful in arousing interest in and enthusiasm for the movie. The spike in pre-sales that followed the trailer's debut in the US is proof of this.

The film's action sequences, sci-fi concept, and entertaining components are all important, but its mythological overtones are much more so. It will become unstoppable if kalki 2898 AD is successful in elevating indian gods and heroes such as Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Arjuna, and Ashwaththama. The legendary play must strike a deep chord with viewers, especially in areas where hindi is the primary language.

The Mahabharata conflict is hinted at in the teaser, and how filmmaker nag ashwin handles this portion of the movie will determine a lot. A strong performance will give the movie the weight and gravity it needs, maybe taking it to a new level of cinematic grandeur that hindi viewers will find hard to resist. The great popularity of hindi films such as Kantara and karthikeya 2 may be ascribed to their glorification of Sanatan ideals, indian culture, and Lord Krishna.

A sizable Hindi-speaking audience is expected to be drawn in by kalki 2898 AD if it honours our Hindu culture and celebrates our indian mythology. This will likely encourage them to bring more people to the theatres. Positive buzz would take off and work wonders for the hindi version of the movie, much like it did for karthikeya 2 and Kantara.


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