Star cast: Sai Ram ShankarEster Noronha
Producer: P SuneetaDirector: Teja

తెలుగు రివ్యూ: 1000 అబద్ధాలు

What Is Good: Tower Star (Naga Babu), Bro (Naveen) Comedy Episodes, Cinematography

What Is Bad: Screenplay, Songs, Choreography, Esther and Second Half

Boring Scenes: Dragged Minister DNA sequence and China – India comparisons

Watch It or Not?: It has Thousand factors working against it.

1000 Abaddalu ReviewStory

Satya (Sairam Shankar) falls in love with Satya (Esther), who is already engaged to Samrat. Satya (Sairam Shankar) with the help of his friends, impresses Satya (Esther). But Tower Star (Naga Babu) a fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan gets in between the budding love. Satya takes care of Tower Star with the help of his friends and uses him to perfection to impress Satya (Esther).

Meanwhile, Sathya’s best friend Swathi gets raped by a Minister and attempts suicide.Satya (Esther) investigates the issue and asks Satya (Sairam Shankar) to solve the issue. Will Satya suceed in proving the rape ? Will Tower Star accept Satya’s Love ? Who is Satya (Sairam Shankar) why he falls behind Satya (Esther) forms the rest of the storyline.

1000 Abaddalu ReviewStarPerformances

The acting is all pretty fine, and here is this bunch of Jabardasth series actors who have all done quite well, when it comes to their performances. But there is nothing much that they can do here, when the script lays across the table very little for them to work on.

Sairam Shankar enacted the role of a responsible youngster effortlessly. Debutant Esther looks stony faced and her histrionics are typical. Naveen and Venu sparkled some humor. Naga Babu gave a matured performance in a comic way. Josh Ravi and babu Mohan are adequate. Gautham Raju is okay as baddie.

1000 Abaddalu ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

Veyyi Abaddalu went through many twists and turns before it hit the screens. Unfortunately it fails to live up to the billing after such a hype. Neeku Naku Dash Dash, Teja’s previous flick with debutant actors Prince and Nandita in the lead suffered due to a poor storyline. This one is no different as the story struggles to move forward.

Veyyi Abaddalu has little entertainment value and could truly test your nerves with its staleness in the second half. Even with its unbelievably short running time of One Hundred and forty eight minutes, it seems to have been running for hours at end. Editor should have sharpened his scissors to cut the fat and unnecessary scenes in the second half.

The very last moments of the film are perhaps the only ones that sound a bit unconvincing. However, by then, it's too late in the day, and the damage has already been done. The film having reached a point of no-return just about struggles through the climax. But it doesn't make do for all the mess that it has been playing around till then. Coming to the comedy, it has to be said that they are not in good taste and is cheap.

Veyyi Abaddalu has middling music by Ramanna Gogula, with “Bhhokampame Vachina” and “Jeena HaiTho Marna Seeko”which are energetic, standing out from the rest. Background Score could have been better. It has been captured on camera remarkably well, thanks to some splendid cinematography by Rassol Ellore.

1000 Abaddalu ReviewAnalysis

Veyyi Abaddalu first half is okay, the interval block is fine. The second half is a major letdown. The plus points of the film are comedy in parts in the first half and Cinematography. The minus points are screenplay and lack of feel in the script. When one selects such a tender story, its very much important to establish the emotions. The emotions are in the film are not very neatly established.

Bottom Line : It has Thousand factors working against it.

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