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Earth Story: Madhu Balakrishna (Arya) a benevolent person. Ramya (Anushka Shetty) falls in love with him in the first instance. Ramya proposes him but he rejects her love. Later, Madhu realizes the love of Ramya and starts falling behind her, but it’s already too late as she accepts a marriage proposal. This story is all about whom Ramya chooses.

Other World Story: A place where people have not experienced the feel of love. Mahendra (Arya) falls in love in the first instance with Varna (Anushka Shetty) and marries her. But as they don’t understand the feeling they get separated. Due to a time worm Mahendra goes to Earth and saves Madhu. The rest of the story is about who ends up with Varna.

The less said about the acting skills of the lead cast, the better. There seems to be a big race happening to decide who will come up with the worst performance.

Arya is wooden faced in Mahendra’s character and tries to portray his emotions in Madhu’s role. Similarly Anushka is ok in her role as Ramya but failed to live in the character of Varna. Rest of the characters just ham it up.

Varna was first announced in the year 2006 with Karthi and Sandhya in lead (titled IdhuMaalaiNerathuMayakkam), after starting its first schedule movie was dropped for unknown reasons. The movie took off again in 2008 with Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah in lead roles. But was also shelved.

However, Selvaraghavan was compulsive to finish the movie this time with Arya – Anushka and completed shooting this film in 16 months. Varna is a mystic film which happens in two different worlds connected by a common thread love.

The only problem is the film didn’t need to spend more than two and a half hours explaining this when the concept became clear within the first half hour. Also two stories are so loosely connected that they ultimately feel like pointless padding.

The constant lurching between different plots also makes it difficult for any character development. There were some good set-ups early on, like Amma – Evil connection or a mysterious time worm. But these never mounted to anything. These could have easily been taken much further and tied the stories closer together.

The film boasts twists and turns but in the end you've probably seen them all before and they will not surprise too many people with where it goes. Selva script lacks much energy and strength to take you along on a memorable ride. What it manages eventually is to take you on a rather uncomfortable trip that lacks any purpose.

Cinematography by Ramji is very mediocre. Especially shots in another world were very blurry. Harris Jayaraj music is fine but the songs were situation less and shot with casual choreography.

Must say Anirudh Ravichander BGM is the major asset of the movie. Especially BGM in scene where Arya fights with mysterious animal and Interval sequence receives a special mention.

Graphics in the film are second grade and failed to elevate mythical second world scenes. Fights in the film are very ordinary. Lip sync is missing in the major scenes connected to Amma - Varna - Mahendra. Production Values of the movie is grand.

Have you ever felt like there is a after life? Had a case of Déjà vu? Felt like you have seen something after you lost it but you aren’t sure where? Varna is a flick brought to you by PVP cinema, kind of postulates this and much more. The film has a little bit of everything from the serious philosophical questions to some funny action episodes - feeless romance and a dash of gore.

For all those who are used to watching mythical wonders that leave you spellbound, Varna could end up as a joke, at best. It is amateurish to the core, predictable and its making lacks any kind of imagination. Watch this one at your risk please.

Arya,Anushka Shetty,Selva Raghavan,Prasad V Potluri,Harris Jayaraj"Varn"ing effort by Selva

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