Vaani Yadlapati, a buddy, and sharath Yedavelli were coming back after a university of North texas night class. They were both studying for their master's in data science. Then the accident occurred, which altered their futures. vani was unable to survive after the disaster, but sharath is currently receiving medical attention for a shattered collar bone, broken leg, numerous face fractures, and tooth loss. 

Both of them are from Hyderabad, and it took him a week to learn that his friend had perished in the Irving car accident that happened near Valley Ranch and MacArthur Boulevard. Since both sharath and chandrasekhar reddy were students without insurance and without the funds to cover hospital costs and burial expenses, chandrasekhar reddy organized fundraising. However, they received a sizable donation of $38,000 from none other than Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving, who has numerous accolades and records to his name, is one of the most well-known basketball players, according to the uninitiated.

Both family had to google Irving's name when the fat contribution came in even though they seldom watched basketball and were followers of cricket. Kyrie, incidentally, sent money to an orphanage and a school in Africa after he joined the Mavericks. For a proper funeral, Vaani's family was brought back, and sharath will need months to heal. Both families claim they want to thank Kyrie Irving in person and would like to meet him.

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