PM Modi Criticizes the Cong-CPI(M) Alliance...

The Congress-Marxist Communist party (CPI M) alliance in Tripura has been fiercely targeted. prime minister narendra modi on saturday said that both parties wrestle in kerala and make friends in Tripura. Attacking the regional party Tipra Motha, prime minister Modi said that many other parties are also indirectly helping the opposition alliance but every vote given to them will take Tripura several years back.

Prime minister Modi was addressing an election rally at Radhakishorpur in Gomti district. He said that old players of bad governance have joined hands for donations. Wrestlers in kerala have made friends in Tripura.

Prime minister narendra modi said, 'The opposition wants to divide the votes. Some small vote-cutting parties are waiting for the election results in the hope of getting their prize. Lock those who dream of horse trading in their homes from now itself.

PM accuses congress of division

Addressing an election rally at Ambassa in Dhalai district, narendra modi alleged that the Left Front and congress party governments created divisions among the tribal people, while the bharatiya janata party (BJP) tried to solve the problems of other communities, including the Bru tribe. worked to solve.

Prime minister narendra modi said, 'BJP is working for the upliftment of tribal communities across the country. We have rehabilitated over 37,000 Bru people who were displaced from Mizoram in Tripura. Our government has included the tribal language 'Kokborok' in higher education.

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