Donald trump returns to facebook and YouTube after 2 years, wrote - 'I'M BACK!'

Donald trump Returns To facebook & YouTube: Former US President donald trump has started preparations for the presidential election to be held in America next year. For this, he has also returned to facebook and YouTube.

Former US President donald trump has returned to the social media platform facebook and video sharing platform YouTube. Presidential elections are going to be held in the united states of America next year. For this the candidates have geared up and this including former controversial US President Trump. trump has always been a part of controversies for many reasons, but before next year's presidential election in America, he has started preparations and also his campaign. For this, he has returned to facebook and YouTube.

Donald trump is back on facebook and YouTube after 2 years. So trump posted a short video on facebook and YouTube with the caption "I'M BACK!" This means "I am back". The short video that trump has posted on facebook and YouTube is a 12-second promotional video related to his election campaign.

The reason for former controversial US President trump not using facebook and YouTube for so long is also related to his controversy. In fact, in january 2021, trump had a hand in inciting the riots at the capital Building in the US capital Washington DC. For this, he shared many posts on all social media. These riots took place after Trump's defeat in the november 2020 US presidential election. Trump's accounts were banned on several social media and other platforms after he stepped down from the presidency and on charges of inciting Trump's riots.

However, at the end of last year, many social media and other platforms restored Trump's accounts. And now trump is back with his first post on facebook and YouTube in 2 years.

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