For 8 yrs rahul gandhi will not be in Parliament..P2

Rahul Gandhi's membership can only be saved in accordance with parliamentary regulations if the appeal is considered in the High Court.

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2. What will be the process of cancellation of parliament membership

Being an mp of rahul gandhi, the surat district administration will send a copy of the verdict of the session court to the lok sabha secretariat and the election Commission. The lok sabha secretariat will put this matter before the speaker. If the Speaker of the lok sabha i.e. the speaker considers this matter appropriate under the rules of the Representation of the people Act, then he will cancel the membership of rahul Gandhi. This information will be given to the election commission so that the process of bye-election can be started by declaring the concerned lok sabha seat vacant.

3. rahul has got a chance of 30 days

At present, the surat Sessions court has granted bail to rahul after sentencing him. Along with this, 30 days have been given to appeal in the High Court. The congress has indicated that they will file an appeal at the earliest so that the bjp does not get a chance to question Rahul's membership. For this, congress has also called a meeting of opposition parties at 10 am on Friday. In this, preparations will be made to fight the battle on this issue even outside the court.

To be continued in part 3...

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