Bhutan: china has a voice in resolving Doklam conflict...P2

According to the prime minister of Bhutan, china has a voice in solving the Doklam conflict.

Why should India be concerned about this?

In fact, this statement of prime minister Thering will prove helpful to china in staking its claim in this area. Till now New delhi has been rejecting all the claims of beijing regarding this area, but now china will pressurize to start talks on this area afresh by citing the statement of the Bhutanese PM. In this, china will again stake its claim on the Doklam area and this is a matter of concern for India.

Now know what is India's concern in Doklam...

Doklam is actually the confluence area of the borders of india, china and Bhutan. It is on the banks of the Chumbi valley of Tibet, on the border of the sikkim state of india with china and Bhutan. It is also called a trijunction area. India's famous 'Chicken's Neck' area is just 130 kilometers away from here. The siliguri Corridor, or Chicken's neck, is the place where india narrows to just 27 kms. This part of about 60 kilometres long is in the darjeeling area of West Bengal. This corridor connects the northeastern states to the rest of india, which means if china occupies this place, the rest of india will be cut off from the northeastern states. For this reason, china is eyeing to occupy the Doklam area.

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