Health minister T harish rao on friday strongly reacted to comments made by himachal pradesh chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu alleging that unemployment was high in Telangana. He said Sukhvinder may not have been aware that thousands of people from his state had migrated to telangana state in order to find employment.
Speaking at the BRS Athmeeya Sammelanam, which was held at the NSP venue in Miryalaguda, harish rao said that while there was no significant unemployment in the state, there was a significant political unemployment problem inside the congress party in Telangana. Out of the 25,000 positions that were filled by the previous congress administration throughout its 10 year term in the former andhra pradesh state, just 6,000 young people from telangana received jobs.

According to harish rao, telangana State chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is dedicated to filling open positions as promised. The BRS government has filled all 1.52 lakh open positions and has published notifications for 80,000 more positions. Additionally, a notification for the hiring of 2,000 doctors was made public. He stated that by luring investments to the state, an additional 17 lakh employment have been generated.

He questioned whether cancelling Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bheema, reversing Aasara pensions to Rs 200 from Rs 2016, and seven hours of electricity supply, which have caused people to suffer during their government's tenure, was "bringing back," in reference to the chants of congress leaders to restore their government.

The minister emphasised that Telangana's voters chose BRS to lead the state after rejecting the corrupt leadership of the previous congress administration. He emphasised that the congress candidate for the Munugode by-election lost the deposit and said that there were no candidates for the congress in the 40 assembly districts for the next elections. He was certain that Chandrashekhar Rao would once more take office as Telangana's chief minister and that BRS would win the election a third time.

Chandrashekhar Rao, he said, made telangana State the leader in welfare and development, and he recalled that the narendra modi administration had duplicated welfare programmes put in place by the telangana government under the guise of the Jal jeevan Mission and other names.

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