"It is painful to see that Ordinance 354, which was issued in 2009 under Karunanidhi's regime to consider the welfare of government doctors and the future of the health sector, is not being implemented," said the Legal Action Group for government Doctors.

In this regard, Dr. S. Perumal Pillai, the head of the legal struggle committee for government doctors, has issued a statement: "Chief minister M. K. stalin has announced that he will hold the centenary celebrations of late former chief minister m. karunanidhi for a period of one year from june 3.

The opening ceremony of the newly established karunanidhi Pannoku High Specialty Hospital in Guindy, chennai is going to be held soon. The chief minister of tamil Nadu will personally visit delhi and accept the invitation of President Drabupati Murmu to keep this hospital open and participate in the centenary celebrations.

Since the establishment of the DMK government, the chief minister has been proudly saying that the government is being run in the way shown by Karunanidhi. Also, a picture of former chief minister karunanidhi is kept along with the picture of the chief minister in government offices across tamil Nadu.

Also, in order to make karunanidhi proud, the chief minister has been making announcements to name the east Coast Road and the newly built gallery at the Chepakkam Stadium in his name, compile his letters and publish them as books, put a statue of his pen, name the Kindi Multipurpose Hospital in his name, and name the library in his name in madurai in tamil Nadu.

However, it is painful that the government is refusing to implement Ordinance 354, which was issued in 2009 in Karunanidhi's regime considering the welfare of doctors and the future of the health sector. For the first time in tamil Nadu, karunanidhi issued Ordinance 354 to provide time-based pay and promotion to government doctors known as DACP. However, due to long shelving, for whatever reason karunanidhi published, the doctors did not get the full benefits.

Karunanidhi did not issue an ordinance for salary hike that day keeping in mind only the salary of government doctors. It was published with the lofty objective of strengthening the overall health sector in tamil Nadu from primary health center to medical college. He issued the order on that day in the hope that most of the people rely heavily on the government hospitals, to keep this society alive, by paying the government doctors who contribute to them, they will work more enthusiastically.

Government doctors have been struggling for a long time to fulfill their wage demands. Especially during the protest in 2019, 118 government doctors (40 female doctors) were transferred 500 km away and punished. And in tamil Nadu, India, a doctor laid down his life for a wage demand. Also, when the President of the Doctors' Association, Dr. lakshmi Narasimhan died of mental stress, the then leader of the Opposition M.K. We would like to recall Stalin's statement that the medical community will never forgive the AIADMK government.

Also, we expected that our chief minister, who showed his support during the protest in 2019, would make an announcement that he would fulfill the demands of the government doctors in the next DMK regime. But till date it has not been done.

For two years, we have been expecting Karunanidhi's birthday on june 3, Chief Minister's birthday on february 1, Doctors' Day on July 1, diwali gift, New Year gift, pongal gift to be fulfilled. But we are constantly being cheated.

For two years in the tamil Nadu assembly, we expected them to announce the fulfillment of the livelihood demand of doctors at important moments such as the Governor's speech, the budget announcement and the health department's grant request. That too during last year's departmental grant request, Dr. Ezhilan and Chinnathurai and this year Chintava Selvan and MR.Gandhi requested the assembly to implement Ordinance 354. In other words, the demands of the government doctors have not been fulfilled despite the legislators raising their voices regardless of whether they are the ruling party or the opposition party.

In the extraordinary situation when M.K.Stalin took over as chief minister, the government doctors are the first to come to mind who were the supporters. However, even after 2 years of the establishment of the government, till today the sight of the chief minister is not falling, causing great pain and suffering to every government doctor.

Meanwhile, to attract the attention of the chief minister of tamil Nadu, the doctors who are fighting in the democratic way have not only been given a 17 (B) criminal memorandum, but have also been punished and transferred. While doctors were punished during the last AIADMK regime, the karunanidhi Commission

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