Commenting on the conflict in Madurai-Tirumokur, Vishika leader Thirumavalan has urged the tamil Nadu government to "immediately arrest all those involved in caste atrocities". madurai district Tirumogur Kalameka Perumal temple festival held last night dance-song program. Then there was an argument between the two parties. After this, the argument turned into a confrontation. Another party entered the areas of one party and smashed 35 two-wheelers there. They also damaged a car and assaulted some people there.

In connection with this incident, the leader of Việtịnh Chiruthagal party Thirumavalavan has requested the government to take action against those involved in caste atrocities. In this regard, he posted on his twitter page, “Caste fanaticism in Tirumogur near Madurai. Every year during the temple festival, drunken caste fanatics enter the dwellings of Adi Dravidians and carry out murderous rampages.

Looting of properties. Many people were injured. Some of the youth including Manimuthu and Palanikkumar are undergoing treatment at the madurai government Hospital with serious injuries. Strongly condemns this casteism. "We make a special request to the tamil Nadu government to immediately arrest all those involved in caste atrocities," he said. Stay tuned for more updates.

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