In the coimbatore car blast incident, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials have stated in the chargesheet that the purpose of the conspiracy was to wage war against the government.

On october 23 last year, Jamesha Mubin, who was driving the car, died when a car cylinder exploded near the Kotdamedu Sangameswarar temple near Ukkadam, Coimbatore.

In the police investigation, I.S. It was revealed that Mubin, a supporter of the terrorist organization, had planned to attack a public gathering place. The case was later transferred to the National Investigation Agency.

In this connection, Mohammad Talha (25), Mohammad Azharuddin (23), Mohammad Riaz (27), Peroz Ismail (27), Nawaz Ismail (26), Absar Khan, Mohammad Taubeek (25), Umar Farooq (28), Peroz Khan (28) ), Sheikh Idayatullah and Sanobar Ali, 11 people were arrested. The NIA officials filed a charge sheet and sub-charge sheet against them. The investigation related to this case is going on in the Poontamalli Special Court, Chennai.

The charge sheet and sub-charge sheet filed in connection with the car blast incident have given various information. The investigation revealed that the deceased Mubin, along with the arrested Mohammad Azharuddin, Umar Farooq, Sheikh Itayatullah and Sanobar Ali, had planned a series of suicide attacks in Coimbatore.

In a video taken a few days before the attack, they confessed to the incident. Azharuddin and Absar Khan help Mubin buy explosives and mix chemicals. Mohammed Talka has provided the car used in the crime scene.

Peroz, Riaz and Nawaz helped load gas cylinders and drums containing explosives into the car. This plot is located in Sathyamangalam forest area.

Omar Farooq has been selected as the commander for this project. He has given various responsibilities to the arrested.

A series of attacks...

They planned to use the remaining ammunition in the car to launch a series of attacks.

Umar Farooq and Mubin raised funds for terrorist activities. Sanobar ali also helped Mubin financially. Perozcon provided the logistics.

The main objective of this conspiracy is to target the public administration, police department, judicial department etc. and wage war against them.

NIA officials have stated this in the charge sheet.

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