People have been interrogating the governing congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress MLAs at the Gadapa Gadapaku mana prabhutvam programme, according to reports in Andhra Pradesh's media. To their humiliation, pictures and videos of individuals interrogating MLAs are shown in the media reports. The media attempts to create the impression that there is widespread opposition to the ruling party and the local MLAs when portraying these protests.

However, the reality is that the MLAs are required to visit every home as part of the programme, including the homes of tdp and Jana Sena supporters. These ardent tdp and Jana Sena activists are the ones that raise inquiries, record them, and submit them to the yellow media in order to further their political objectives. It is apparent that opposition party activists constantly quiz the leaders of the ruling party whenever they have the chance.

However, as tdp and Jana Sena activists have their own political agendas, that does not represent the general public sentiment. Every ruling party experiences this, and chandrababu naidu was no exception to this when he was in office. However, the yellow media in andhra pradesh highlights any instances in which tdp and Jana Sena supporters question members of the ruling party to make it appear as though the mla is being questioned by regular citizens. It would seem that the yellow media is working around the clock to restore chandrababu naidu to power.

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