Before lok sabha polls in 2024, will congress lose allies?

After taking out the Bharat Jodo yatra for the congress party, rahul gandhi hoped that he would strengthen his claim for 2024. Now the situation is becoming such that congress and rahul gandhi themselves are getting lonely. Be it telangana cm kcr or West bengal cm mamata banerjee, many regional leaders believe that the ruling bjp cannot be challenged under the leadership of the Congress. Recently, akhilesh yadav and mamta Banerjee have surprised everyone by announcing that they will not include congress in their alliance. mamta Banerjee even said that if rahul gandhi takes the lead, only bjp and narendra modi will get benefit from it.

Leaders like mamata banerjee and akhilesh yadav believe that instead of the congress, only regional parties can challenge the BJP. akhilesh yadav is now claiming that he will defeat bjp on the basis of his alliance in Uttar Pradesh. Although, he did not succeed in defeating bjp in the 2022 assembly elections, but now he is busy in fresh preparations.

KCR, mamta and Akhilesh are making different plans

A few days ago when telangana cm k chandrasekhar rao organized a big rally, it was attended by leaders like delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal, punjab cm Bhagwant Mann, akhilesh yadav, kerala cm pinarayi vijayan and cpi General Secretary D Raja . Questions were also raised on bihar cm Nitish Kumar's non-participation in this meeting, but kcr said that he will also come along with time.

In this way, leaders like mamta Banerjee, kcr and akhilesh yadav are preparing to form a front of regional parties. The aim of these leaders is that the regional parties should contest the lok sabha elections strongly in their respective states and focus on winning maximum seats. This is the reason why efforts are being made to take odisha cm naveen patnaik along in this front.

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