Why Navjot Singh Sidhu was early released from prison?-P1...

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu will be released from patiala jail on 1 April. Sidhu's lawyer HPS Verma has confirmed his release. Sidhu, 59, is currently incarcerated for one year for the 1988 instance of road rage. The supreme court gave him a year in jail in this instance. Sidhu had turned himself in at a patiala court, and on May 20 of last year, he was jailed as a result. Now the question is arising that if the court had sentenced him for one year, then how is Sidhu being released from jail only one and a half month ago?

Actually, getting released before the end of the sentence depends on the behavior of the prisoner. Sidhu's lawyer Verma told that according to the punjab Prison Rules, if the behavior of the prisoner is good, then every month 5 to 7 days are reduced from his sentence. According to the report, Sidhu's behavior has also been good in the last ten and a half months, which is why the jail administration has decided to release him 45 days in advance.

Not only this, Navjot Singh Sidhu has not taken a single leave since he went to jail on May 20, 2022 last year. Along with government holidays, he did not even take one day weekly leave given to him in jail. After adjusting these holidays in the days of his sentence, he is being released on 1st April.

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