Is telangana slipping and sliding further down the hill in terms of water sharing? If the pattern of water distribution on the krishna river is any indicator, the current ad hoc approach has given it a truly unfair bargain. Since the State's founding, there hasn't been much of a year where water use has been close to its full entitlement, and the upcoming water year, which starts on june 1, might be no different. The state is only promised another round of interim working arrangements, which might not be able to correct the wrong.

As part of the ad hoc agreement, andhra pradesh received a share entitlement of 66%, compared to Telangana's 34%, and has always been successful in using a large portion of its allotment. In the last nine years, the state had used 428 tmc more. From 2014–15 to 2021–22, it had drained 213.7 tmcs of water over and above its allocation.

The amount of resources used by ap in 2022–2023 was 214.98 greater than the amount telangana state had been battling for in a 50:50 allocation. The ratio of 66:34 was just an ad hoc assignment put in place for one year, and telangana State had made it quite clear that it did not constitute any legal distribution.

Andhra Pradesh, however, wanted the same arrangement to continue for 2023–2024 because it had been successful in getting away with excessive utilization throughout the years. The ap chief secretary was cited as saying, "The current arrangement of 66:34 may be continued for the water year 2023–24 as well," in the summary of KRMB's 17th meeting. The arrangement has been in place since 2015 and has worked out well. The primary reason is that sharing directly results from KWDT-1 Award, and despite a few glitches, even during the deficit years, this arrangement worked successfully.

Telangana state officials argued forcefully that the ad hoc arrangement of 66:34 had nothing to do with the KWDT-1 during the discussion. This was accomplished using administrative officers who were in attendance at the meeting on june 18 and 19, 2015, in New Delhi, as the basis for the analysis. Only one year was set aside for the working arrangement.

For the active projects in the state, telangana State is requesting a 50:50 share ratio at a 75 percent dependability. The state additionally argued that the KRMB lacked the authority to make decisions without unanimous agreement. Since there is no agreement on the distribution of water, the issue must be brought before the central government and, if necessary, the Apex Council in order to find a just solution.

The State's painful past experiences led to its rejection of the ad hoc arrangement and its demand for 50:50 ratio sharing. The year wise surplus drawl made by ap was 45.48 tmc in 2014-15, 1 tmc in 2015-16, 15.50 tmc in 2016-17, 1.68 btmc in 2017-18, 6.95 ymc in 2018-19, 38.65 tmc in 2019-20, 60.10 tmc in 2010-21, 43.34 in 2021-22 and 214.98 tmc in 2022-23 (at 50:50 sharing desired for the year).

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