On Sunday, May 28, the new parliament House structure was officially opened. The new parliament House was dedicated to the country by prime minister Narendra Modi and Speaker of the lok sabha Om Birla. In addition, PM Modi placed a revered sceptre known as "Sengol" close to the lok sabha Speaker's seat. In his speech, the prime minister referred to the new parliament building as a "temple of democracy." The significance of the event was increased by the attendance of the seers and lok sabha Speaker Om Birla. The occasion highlights India's dedication to democratic values and inclusivity and ushers in a new era for its democracy.

The necessity of the new parliament House may raise concerns in the minds of many people. The original parliament Building was built in 1927 and has been in use for almost a century. The members of parliament needed greater seating in both houses. On august 5th, 2019, the lok sabha and rajya sabha, both houses, asked the government to build a new parliament House in light of the situation. prime minister Narendra Modi subsequently lay the cornerstone for the new parliament House on december 10, 2020.

Special Features:

• The new parliament House was built in a triangular shape as opposed to the old Parliament's circular shape.

• The lok sabha can seat 590 people, the rajya sabha has 280 seats, and the Visitor's Gallery can hold more than 336 people in the original edifice. In contrast, the new parliament House contains more than 336 seats in the Visitor's Gallery and 888 seats for the Lok Sabha.

• The new parliament House has developed separate offices with cutting-edge equipment for crucial duties. The cafeteria, eating area, and committee meeting spaces all include cutting-edge technology. There are other common areas, women's lounges, and a VIP lounge available.

• The new rajya sabha is similar in that it has 384 seats and can fit more than 336 persons in the visitor's gallery. More than 1272 MPs can sit side by side during joint sessions of both houses in the Lok Sabha.

• The Constitution Hall is the new Parliament's most notable feature. It is situated in the middle of the structure and is topped by an Ashoka Pillar. A copy of the Constitution is claimed to be stored in this room.

• Large pictures of Jawaharlal Nehru, subhash chandra Bose, and other Prime Ministers of the nation have also been erected. It should be emphasised that the Central Vista project of the central government includes the new parliament House.

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