External Affairs minister jaishankar met and held talks with Cambodian king Narodham Chikamani, who has arrived in india on a three-day visit.

70-year-old Cambodian king Norodom Chikamani has visited india for the first time. He arrived in india yesterday evening and went to the President's house this morning. He was received there by President Drabupati Murmu and prime minister Narendra Modi. Subsequently, he was given a marching honor.

Subsequently, jaishankar personally met the king of Kamponia and negotiated. "Honored to meet the king of Cambodia. As our two countries celebrate the 70th anniversary of our diplomatic relations, his visit reaffirms the strong civilizational bond between us. It is evident in heritage conservation, demining, water conservation, and socio-economic projects," he posted. The friendship between the two countries is expressed through bilateral cooperation," he said.

Cambodians are trained through education and skill development programs offered in India. india has been providing financial support for various development projects in Cambodia. Angkor Wat temple, Tha Prohm and Breach temple in cambodia have been reconstructed under indian financial assistance.

Bilateral trade is projected at $366 million in FY 2022-23. india has invested $115 million in Cambodia. These investments have been made especially in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and automobile sectors. india has gifted cambodia demining equipment worth $1.5 million. In addition, it has provided a loan of $50 million for the purchase of defense equipment in India. indian Army provides training to Cambodian soldiers. It is noteworthy that even after going to cambodia, our soldiers are providing training to Cambodian soldiers.

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