Chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on tuesday warned the populace against attempts by 'bloodsucking leeches' who were trying to 'feast' on the State's farmers, claiming that Dharani, Telangana's integrated land records management system, was the only true source of documentation pertaining to land holdings of farmers. He said that those who wanted to throw dharani in the Bay of bengal were the ones who had to be tossed in the water first, a clear allusion to congress officials who had been trying to trash her on a regular basis.

Chandrashekhar Rao warned against stripping the peasant community of Dharani, the unchanging and unalterable system of land records, during a well-attended public forum in Nagarkurnool, stating that it would essentially mean the loss of a wealth for the farmer community. He claimed that it would be difficult to picture Telangana's farmers without Dharani. He said that taking dharani from them would equal to the "dark bloodsucking regime" of leeches returning, and that they shouldn't be allowed the chance to bring back the terrible times of the past.

In addition to providing some peace of mind for the farmers, the State government's new land management system made guaranteed that the farmers received direct benefits without the help of opportunistic intermediaries. He emphasised that the online platform that merged land registration and administration services had rendered corrupt individuals irrelevant at all levels.

The Mandal Revenue Officer, the district Collector, and even the Chief Secretary could not tamper with the records pertaining to farmland owned by farmers, he said, adding that for that matter, even the chief minister was left with no scope to alter them. This is not to mention the role of VROs, who had since ceased to exist. He said that the farmers who owned the property had complete control over altering any aspects of the land record, and that this power was made possible by the use of contemporary technology interventions that strengthened the system.

CM kcr on Dharani

dharani is the only reliable source of record regarding farmer land ownership.

• The dharani system of land records is unchanging and unchangeable.

• Farmers are being preyed upon by bloodsucking leeches.

The congress leaders should dispose of dharani first before calling for her to be dumped in the sea.

Farmers now feel at ease because to Dharani.

• Has avoided the involvement of opportunistic intermediaries

• Land records cannot be changed by the Collector, Chief Secretary, or the CM.

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