A lot of politics is going on these days on the statement given by education minister Chandrashekhar

regarding Ramcharitmanas. After this statement, the grand alliance government is on the target of BJP.

Tejashwi Yadav has also given advice to the education minister on this issue. At the same time, in Supaul,

Minister Chandrashekhar has once again given a statement regarding Lord Ram. He said that Lord ram had

come in his dream and said look Chandrashekhar, these people have sold us in the market. Save us from being

sold. ram was also angry with the caste system. He gave a message by eating Shabari's false plum, but today

Shabari's son is prevented from going to the temple.

Education minister had reached Supaul

Actually, late on sunday night the education minister had reached Rampur village of Pipra block. Where the

former teachers union president had come to pay tribute to late lakshmi Yadav on the occasion of her death

anniversary. On this occasion he also gave many types of religious knowledge. He said that Lord ram had

come in his dream. That's why we talk like this sometimes.

Even god was angry with the caste system – education minister Chandrashekhar

The education minister said that Lord ram ate Shabari's false berries, but today Shabari's son cannot go to

the temple. This is sad. The President and the chief minister are stopped. It is washed with ganga water. God

had given a message by eating Shabari's lie. god was also angry with the caste system. We might have

thought that if we eat, the world will start eating, but we left it alone. He is shown an empty incense burner

and is released. It is not imitated.

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