The Muslim votes that were falling to the JDS due to the alliance with the bjp have increased the chances of the congress winning the lok sabha elections. Also, this alliance for JDS, which claimed to be a secular party for so long. Rumors are being heard that the JDS will suffer a setback in the future.

The alliance between bjp and JDS to contest the lok sabha elections is official. There are rumors in the political circles that the JD(S) leaders have demanded to issue tickets for six lok sabha constituencies in the state. Accordingly, there are rumors in the JDS circle that the Raichur lok sabha seat ticket will also be left to the JDS. At present, raja Amareshwar Nayaka is the bjp candidate in Raichur lok sabha constituency. There are also rumors that he is saying that he will stay away from the next lok sabha elections. Thus a new debate has started in Raichur politics as JDS and bjp have now formed an alliance at the high command level. There is a lot of discussion that the JDS candidate will get the Raichur constituency ticket in the 2024 lok sabha elections. The calculation of which party will gain and who will lose from this one BJP-JDS alliance has started all over Raichur district.

There are rumors that the alliance between bjp and JDS will benefit JDS more than BJP. A total of 8 assembly constituencies fall under the Raichur lok sabha constituency. Raichur City, Raichur Rural, Manvi, Lingasoogur, Devadurga and Yadgiri, Shahapur and Surpur assembly constituencies will come. bjp mla Dr. shivraj patil has won three times in a row. Dr. shivraj patil became mla for the first time by winning from JDS. But during the last 2023 assembly election campaign, Kumaraswamy, sitting bjp mla Dr. He lashed out at Shivraj Patil. congress mla Basanagowda Daddal has won for the second time in Raichur Rural assembly Constituency. There have been JDS and bjp workers in this constituency for decades. However, due to lack of leaders, the JDS candidate lost in the assembly elections as the JDS leaders remained silent. There is a contingent of JDS workers in Manvi constituency. But bjp workers are absent. Thus the bjp candidate lost in the assembly elections. bjp and JDS are equally strong in Lingasugur assembly constituency. In the last assembly election in Devadurga assembly constituency, JDS-BJP workers fought like rivals and elected the JDS candidate. In this assembly Constituency, although the leaders have said that it is doubtful that the leaders will run together in the lok sabha elections. Itta Yadagiri has been a congress stronghold since the beginning. Here JDS-BJP alliance work can be easy. There is a group of congress leaders in Shahapur assembly constituency. bjp party is strong, but JDS lacks leaders. bjp is also strong in Surpur assembly constituency. Thus, the BJP-JDS alliance will help the JDS party organization in the entire lok sabha constituency.

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