The results of the elections in madhya pradesh will come on december 3, but there is already a fight among the

political parties for every vote. At present, the center of the fight is the postal ballot, on which the congress is

fiercely attacking. Apart from the Balaghat incident, congress is also raising the issue of 11 thousand missing

postal ballots. congress has written a letter to the election commission regarding this.

In fact, many times when there is equal competition among the candidates, then postal ballots play an important

role in victory or defeat. It is believed that this time, apart from bjp and congress, there is a very tough

competition between the candidates of other political parties in many seats. Therefore, the political battle

regarding postal ballots is intensifying.

Let us tell you here that the political temperature in the state is heated regarding the postal ballots of 3.34 lakh

officers and employees of the state who were ready for the assembly election duty. Congress's direct allegation is

that at some places the employees did not get postal ballots and at some places the employees had to wander to

vote. congress also alleges that the employees were inclined towards it on the issue of OPC. Because of this, the

role of district election officers regarding postal ballots is under doubt.

According to madhya pradesh State election Office, postal ballot papers were issued to 3 lakh 34 thousand 354

officers and employees engaged in election duty. 3.23 lakh employees used postal ballots. At present the records

of 11 thousand 354 postal letters are not available. congress has accused the election office of hiding the figures.

At the same time, leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has also expressed the possibility of irregularities in the

postal ballots of old people, disabled people and government employees of his assembly constituency.

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