Congress mp karti chidambaram appeared before ED in the alleged Chinese visa case. Before this appearance, he took a jibe at the ED and said that perhaps these people miss me. He said, "This is the 20th time. There are three different categories of cases against me. The first category is called fake. The second is more fake and the third is the most fake. This is the most fake case, I don't know the reason behind it." Who is there, it must be a Chinese ghost."

My lawyer filed the reply- Karti Chidambaram

According to ANI report, kirti Chidambaram said that cbi has closed the case, but ED wants to reopen the case and interrogate it. My lawyer has filed a 100-page reply in this matter, I will repeat it. kirti Chidambaram is accused of taking Rs 50 lakh for illegally granting visas to 263 Chinese citizens to complete the work of a power project in Punjab.

chidambaram accused of project visa

Earlier, an official had said that recently the ED had registered a case under the sections of money laundering, taking cognizance of the FIR lodged by the CBI. The FIR alleged that the project visa was a special facility introduced in 2010 for the power and steel sectors for which detailed guidelines were issued during P Chidambaram's tenure as home minister, but the project visa There was no provision for re-issuance of visa. Recently, regarding this matter, karti chidambaram had said that this case was registered against him under harassment and conspiracy. There is an attempt to target his father P chidambaram through him.

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