As per report SP has fielded Kajal Nishad for the lok sabha elections in Gorakhpur. Why is she showing strength in this election? What is the reason for this? The name of sitting mp from Gorakhpur, ravi Kishan, is in the first probable list of bjp, but his name will be approved in the final list. If this is so, then why is the name of folk singer Malini Awasthi being discussed with bjp in Gorakhpur. What do political experts say on this?

Meanwhile Dr. Harsh Kumar Sinha, professor of Defense and Strategic Studies Department of Deendayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, is not only a political expert but also associated with journalism. professor Harsh Kumar Sinha, an expert on national and eastern UP politics, says that if we talk about the politics of Gorakhpur, then it is true that if seen from the point of view of lok sabha elections, Gorakhpur's Gorakshanath temple is called the address of the MP. That means whoever is the mp from Gorakhpur lok sabha Sadar seat will get the blessings of the temple. This is also because from 1989 till now, except the by-election of 2018, Brahmlin Mahant Avedyanath has been mp from this seat four times and then yogi adityanath for five consecutive times.

Moreover Dr. Harsh Kumar Sinha says that the address of the Gorakhpur mp has been Gorakhnath temple for 28-29 years. It is considered a seat with influence of the Sangh. Along with this, it is considered to be a seat under the influence of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Hindu political parties. In the last two-three decades, there was a phase of gradual development of bjp, Gorakhnath temple has played a big role in it. The specialty of the strongest government is that everything has been in uncertainties. This kind of thing is being expected from the bjp government which gives such surprises. Any name other than the traditional names comes up. This has also been seen in the elections of President, Vice President and Chief Minister.

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