The words that exploded between Chandrababu, Pawan & Jagan..!?

There is a war of words between the political leaders during the elections. Let's see the controversy and sensational comments made by Chandrababu, lokesh, Pawan Kalyan, and YS Jagan. Along with the lok sabha elections, the politics of andhra pradesh is going on hotly as the assembly elections are also going on. politics has heated up to exceed even the sun of the heart. The election commission has already announced that elections will be held in the fourth phase i.e. on May 13 in two telugu states. With this, the main parties in andhra pradesh have completed the declaration of candidates and entered the campaign field. But in this campaign period, words are exploding... Political leaders are also making serious accusations against each other. Not only do they throw dirt on each other but they also have to appreciate the work of the opponent if they think they are strategically aligned. Recently, tdp chief Chandrababu made key comments on the volunteer system established by the current jagan government. Even if tdp comes to power, Chandrababu has announced that volunteers will continue... and their salaries will also be increased. Chandrababu, who in the past had wronged the behavior of volunteers and prevented them from being used in election duties, surprisingly promised to increase their salaries. All the parties are going to the 2024 elections with clear strategies.
However, Chandrababu's earlier criticisms against volunteers have come to the fore in the wake of the latest promises. Moreover, people are recalling the sensational and controversial comments made by political stars like nara lokesh, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, and Pawan Kalyan. What did you talk about in the past? How are you talking now? They are comparing that.

1. Chandrababu Naidu:

Telugu Desam party leader and former chief minister chandrababu naidu is known as a gentleman. He is not only very senior in politics but also older due to his age... So Chandrababu used to do politics with restraint rather than being aggressive. But recently after going to jail, Chandrababu has changed a lot... He is making sensational comments, unlike his nature. They are saying that it will be reduced by counter-attacking the opposing parties and leaders with sharp words.

Bounties on Volunteers:

In the past chandrababu naidu has accused that the volunteers appointed by the jagan government are not ycp leaders and activists. When pawan kalyan alleged that volunteers are the reason behind the disappearance of thousands of women in the state, the tdp leaders also expressed regret. Recently tdp also demanded that volunteers should not be used not only in government schemes but also in election duties. Such is Chandrababu's sensational comments that he will double the salaries of volunteers by taking a U-turn... and they will continue.
It is known that YS sharmila joined the congress party against her elder brother YS Jaganmohan Reddy. sharmila is campaigning against ycp after taking charge as the President of the andhra pradesh Congress. All this is happening under the shadow of Chandrababu... cm jagan himself said that he provoked sharmila and created a rift in their family. But Chandrababu has made sensational comments that YS jagan and sharmila are conspiring to damage the opposition alliance. The opposition parties tdp, Jana Sena, and bjp are going to the polls as an alliance... but ycp is entering the ring as a single. ycp leaders are promoting the same thing to the people the lion will come single. Chandrababu recently mentioned the death of an old woman who died for Pinchan to counter this campaign. He alleged that the jagan government killed her when the government failed... and that they are trying to push it on the TDP. Chandrababu pointed out that jagan is coming not single but with corpses.

Phone tapping in AP:

It is known that the case of phone tapping is causing scandal in Telangana. Responding to this matter, Chandrababu said that taping is also going on in Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu alleged that not only phone tapping but many other wrong things are being done under the ycp regime.

Kauravas named ycp MLAs:

Chandrababu could not bear the humiliation of his wife Bhuvaneshwari as a witness of the andhra pradesh Assembly. Protesting the behavior of ycp members, he walked out of the assembly and vowed to step into the assembly once tdp wins and comes to power. Sensational comments were made that till then Kauravas did not enter the assembly. Chandrababu compared ycp leaders to Kauravas. Recently, the dialogue of folding a chair has become very famous. A song was created with this dialogue in the recently released movie guntur Karam. Chandrababu gave a mass warning to ycp with this dialogue which is very popular among the people. Chandrababu warned that cm Jagan's shirt would be folded. tdp leaders and workers will fold their chairs.

2. nara lokesh :

Unlike his father Chandrababu, lokesh makes some serious comments about his opponents. tdp leaders and workers speak to give morale and enthusiasm. In this sequence, lokesh makes sensational and controversial comments.

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