Loksabha elections 2024: What is the field situation for Cuddalore constituency?

As the voting for lok sabha election 2024 is approaching, what is the field situation in Cuddalore lok sabha constituency?

Polling for the Parliamentary lok sabha election 2024 will be held in tamil Nadu in a single phase on april 19. As far as tamil Nadu is concerned, there is a three-way contest between DMK, AIADMK, and bjp in this election. Separate alliances have been formed under the leadership of these parties and the candidates have been announced.

Accordingly, Cuddalore lok sabha Constituency, which is located along the east coast of tamil Nadu with a varied landscape of political importance, has many landmarks such as neyveli NLC Company, Cuddalore Port, but is also a constituency where major protests take place from time to time. Fishing and cashew farming are major industries. Thousands of NLC workers live in this block. Rural areas are predominant in this constituency.

Cuddalore lok sabha Constituency has 6 assembly constituencies namely Phetakkudi, neyveli, Panruti, Vrudhachalam, Cuddalore, and Kurinchipadi under the Cuddalore district. congress candidate vishnu Prasad, the ally of the DMK, Sivakolundu of the DMK in the AIADMK alliance, and director Thangar Bachan of the PMK candidate in the bjp alliance are contesting in the upcoming lok sabha elections.

In the lok sabha elections in 2024, DMK, AIADMK, and bjp are in a three-way contest, and all three parties have reserved this constituency for their allies. As far as the Cuddalore lok sabha constituency is concerned, the congress party has won most of the general elections held from 1951 to 2019. DMK has won 5 times and AIADMK 2 times.

In the 2019 lok sabha elections, DMK's DRVS Ramesh contested on behalf of the party and won by securing 522,160 votes with 50.27 percent votes. The party's Govindasamy, who contested on behalf of BAMAK, secured 3,78,177 votes with 36.41 percent votes and came second.

In that election, AIADMK, bjp, BMC, and DMD were on the same side. But this time the alliance is broken, and these votes are likely to be scattered. The question is whether the bjp and the DMK have a significant vote bank in the region, and whether they will be able to exert influence on their own.

Meanwhile, congress candidate vishnu Prasad is the sitting mp from Arani constituency. will be His father is a former president of the tamil Nadu congress Committee M. Krishnasamy. congress party's past successes, DMK alliance, and social votes are seen as additional strength for the congress candidate.

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